this is how Kensi acts when he goes back to the lapd in season three

so how is she going to act when he goes back in season six after all that has happened

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A Second Sneak Peek has been released for Tonight’s new episode of NCIS LA. It’s Featuring Kensi, Deeks, Callen, Sam, Granger and Eric.

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I looked at the ‘details’ of our chat, and…

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Anonymous ;
Do you like the characters Kensi and Deeks, separately like not as a couple?

I can assume what you mean is that I like them both as individuals and not just as a ship? If that is what you mean, then yes. I have always been a fan of Kensi. I am a lot like her, in many ways, and I love that fact. Plus the fact she is a strong independent female is something I adore, but I really like Kensi because she reminds me of myself. (In good ways and bad, lol.)

And Deeks- he’s just perfect. You have to like Deeks, everybody has too. But at the end of the day I think they are great as two people but better together.

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guys it’s not even Monday and aprylynn is yelling at me lol

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Anonymous ;
Are Kensi and Deeks doing the doodly do?

DOING THE DOODLY DO, laughing. First time I have heard it phrased like that. Alright this seems to be the question of the month or something, and honestly, I don’t know if I am the person to ask. But hey, I’ll give it my best shot? Really I am on my second cup of coffee right now so you caught me in a really good mood.

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I am in one of my weird moods today and received an ask I want to answer sassily but you know I think you all deserve a better answer so I’ll sit on it.

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