It’s half ass nonsense. They obviously want Kensi and Deeks together and need to not do what the mothership did, but at the same time they can’t make their mind up. I mean, kudos to SB for making an attempt because he tried on the mothership but others didn’t let him… And this writers room can’t seem to make up their mind and it’s evident in the footage.

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I have some thoughts based on the commentary. When ECO and Daniela were talking about the scene outside the ambulance they said they did multiple takes, which is not unusual. They also talked about how this one was the one with the least emotional connection in it- and the takes that Daniela preferred were more playful and had a stronger emotional attachment evident. But the editing crew chose differently. This is what makes me wonder if we are ever going to be getting certain things, because obviously we know the actors are giving it to us ( or trying too) but the editors are choosing differently. I just can’t help but wonder.

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I Don’t Care


This is for hermionesmydawg who wanted a naughty fic based on the deleted scene. I hope very slightly naughty will be okay because that’s about all I can manage :)

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"…clearly you’re madly in love with her…"

I guess Talia got to see the cut scene before we did.

And the “Nell is falling in love with me” thing makes a bit more sense. Not that it justifies the punch, but I can see where they are coming from.

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Anonymous asked
I vote for fic rounabout. Those are always so fun to read!

Noted! Thanks.


do we consider them canon now… or…?

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hermionesmydawg replied to your post: no one said it was gonna be easy


xo you know you love me

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no one said it was gonna be easy

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So dawg & I were talking and it’s time for our next collab and we cant decide what to do, so we figured we would ask you people. Your options are:

  • angst-off (gifs),
  • gif/drabble collab
  • fic roundabout
Choose wisely.
-The white v-neck lovers,
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Anonymous asked
The deleted scene is helping so much to fall into place. Ex. End of Windfall where Deeks teases Kensi about Nell falling in love with him... no wonder she hauls off and slugs him! I mean I think we all saw it as a return to normal when we saw the scene live but now.... and it was directly after sow. My heart literally skipped a beat, swelled and then broke into pieces immediately, knowing what was coming in the next episode. Ugh!

Anon, I like the way you think. Like I posted in my long winded posts before about my thoughts, I see what the writers are trying to do- they are just doing a bad job of doing it. With all of that said, I TOTALLY SEE YOUR POINT. I am not justifying that punch, but with the comment about Nell falling in love with him, it makes that much more sense.

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