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i’m sorry but they are just watching the water and the explosion that happened underneath and deeks just sticks his arm out and grabs hers and she just instinctively knows how to respond and moves her arm so that he can interlock their hands 

hahahahahahaha that is the best birthday present ever

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What I love about how they played this is how they both just naturally reach.  His hand comes out and touches hers, hers folds up into his, the fingers go.   No biggie, and yet a very biggie.

Most meaningful hand-press on TV since Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds at the end of Persuasion.

I kind of can’t believe how much I loved this moment/how important for Densi it felt to me. I mean…we’ve seen them kiss, we’ve seen (in deleted scenes at least) that their relationship has gone much further than this…and yet this moment somehow seems incredibly intimate, and perhaps more meaningful than any of the others that have come before it.

I think it’s because it’s about comforting each other, and it’s just so instinctive. As greyhairedgeekgirl said, they both just reach for each other - they don’t even have to look to know that the other’s hand will be there. They can’t bear to look away from the water just in case there’s a chance Callen and Sam will surface, but they need to touch and hold on to each other.

Their faces are also so stoic, holding back their emotions, so everything emotive in the scene is coming out via that clasping of their hands. It’s the only conduit by which we see their fear (for Sam and Callen) and their need (to comfort each other and reassure themselves of each other’s presence).

(I’m also kinda mesmerized by the way Deeks’ fingers slide down her wrist and along her palm before hers reach up and interlace with his).

Okay…I’ve just written an overly long meta on two fictional people holding hands…now it finally feels like the fall TV season is back!! Lol.

Well said! It reminds me of the hand hold at the end of Pusher as well (for all those XFiles fans). There’s just an inherent intimacy in reaching out for comfort in someone else after the let down of an adrenaline rush, for comfort and assurance and knowing that person will be there without question, without having to look.

I actually love this scene. Almost more than some of their other big scenes, because like it has been stated above this is so intimate. I am really happy with that little arm fondling/hand holding because it’s rather huge for them. The last year they have spent the majority of their time apart, and each of them have gone through something extremely traumatic. On top of that their personal relationship has had some bumps along the way, and somehow they have defied the odds in many ways. Ok, we don’t exactly know the status of their relationship right now, but the little hand grab shows that even though they have been to hell and back they always find their way back to each other- and no matter what circumstances the job or life throws at them, the other is going to be right beside them.

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Ahhhh the lovely scroll of the dash that contains new gifs

Long metas to read

And the screaming tags

Our show is back

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NCIS LA Season Six Premiere had 9.44 million viewers. It premiered well below its ratings on Tuesday last season and finishing third in the 10 o’clock hour. (X)

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unfinished products that will never be, lol.

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Densi + touch

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When you gif things are broken down into frames which are just pictures that layer together to make the gif move, and usually while I gif I get induced feels because you notice the extra longing look, you can make the touch linger longer than it did on tv, and things of that nature. But here I can’t help to laugh at how infatuated they are with each other, and like usual, Nell is staring upon them. Classic.

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Densi + Physical Touch 

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hold my hand, I can hear ghosts calling
help me stand, even if the sky is falling
and I want you to know, I can’t do it alone
hold my hand

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