I lost my grandmother yesterday who has been a major part of my life. It’s hard to compensate the fact she won’t be here with me anymore. Thank you all for your kind words and messages the past two weeks as I have gone through this. You all are the best.

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Post seven mile run and she just wants to play more. NO DOG IM TIRED.

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aprylynn: I follow you for gifs that give me feelings - sometimes dirty feelings ;)

Dirty feeling about your otp are always the best. Along with reading/viewing them with a glass of wine.

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hermionesmydawg: Cause platypus be sexy as hell, yo.

Don’t make me blush.

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Why are you following me?

Put a reason in my ask.



Platypus babies ♥

toucheblye!!! LOOK!!!


This little guy was one of the last babies of the summer last year. He knew exactly how to get all the attention


my welcome home present

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