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i followed you cuz a cranberry said i was being too non social and i should follow more people and she said i should follow you so i did (sincerely anonymous)

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I follow you because you're freaking awesome (as is densi)

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Anonymously tell me why you follow me.

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My work here is done 😈

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Just so you lovely people know: wannabewylerx, hermionesmydawg, and aprylynn have been ANGELS in helping me with the Densi alphabet and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Give those ladies a big thank you- they thought of most of the letters!

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Countdown to Season 6: Densi Alphabet

I is for INTERRUPTION, J is for JEANS [4/13]

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Cierra god bless you and that masterlist of eps.

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Show recs?

Depends on the type of show you want to watch. I have a whole list I could recommend. Personally I would start off with Arrow. I love that show, and the ship is even better. Also, Captain Amell. He makes the show. 

I would also highly recommend Rookie Blue, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD.  

OH THE WEST WING. I love The West Wing.

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Greece in Mercia.

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